Accelerated Free Fall Course (AFF)

This course closely reflects the Static Line course.  An AFF applicant will be required to make one Tandem qualification jump prior to beginning the AFF course.  See the above explanation in Static Line course for more information regarding the Tandem qualification jump as a prerequisite to the AFF course.  The AFF course lasts one full day.  Once your Tandem qualification jump and your ground school training are complete, you will board an aircraft with two instructors.

Upon exit, you will not be physically tethered to either instructor.  You will be wearing your own gear and your objective is to maintain stability and awareness while in free fall.  Your two AFF instructors will be on each side of you in free-fall for this process and will ensure that your main parachute is deployed at the proper altitude.

Note:  The two AFF instructors will only be present during the plane ride, exit and the long free-fall.  Once your main parachute is open, you are on your own!  Students must operate their parachute in autonomy through landing.  AFF is the most expensive and time consuming method of learning to jump.  It involves a longer ground school, more instructors and more equipment.  The only advantage an AFF holds against a Static Line Course is its provision for new students to experience a prolonged, solo free-fall session with under an instructor’s supervision.