Static Line Course

The Static Line Course is a comprehensive course that ends with you making a “solo” jump.  Students are required to understand the entire parachute system and be able to solve any problems that may occur while in the air; the student jumps alone and assumes responsibility for all functions of their parachute.  While malfunctions are very rare, they do occur in approximately 1 out of every 400 jumps at Skyranch.  Students must exemplify their understanding of the parachute and its emergency back-up system within seconds in the event of a malfunction.  The jump altitude for this course is much lower than for that of the Tandem program, typically around 5,200 feet above sea level.

The term “Static Line” means that you are tethered to the jump plane in such a way that as you fall away from the plane, your main parachute is automatically pulled out for you.  Once your parachute is open, you will be in charge of making a canopy assessment, finding the airport, determining your landing area and guiding the chute back to the approved landing area for a safe land.

Because of the dangers associated with making a solo parachute jump, Static Line course applicants are required to make a Tandem jump as a prerequisite to the course.  The Tandem jump is educational in nature and designed to acquaint you with the parachute-steering process.  Your Tandem instructor will evaluate your basic awareness, physical limitations and ability to follow instructions.  Static Line jumpers should be physically fit with an emphasis on upper-body strength in order to qualify for this course.  In the event that an applicant cannot demonstrate an above-average sense of awareness and ability to pass the qualification jump, they will not be allowed to continue to the full Static Line course curriculum.

Static Line Course is a full day of training.