Tandem Jump Course

This is not just a jump!  This is an actual course; when you are done, you will officially be a skydiver!  You are the student and there is material that you must comprehend and retain.  Nearly 80% of our guests at Skyranch simply desire a wonderful first-time jump experience without the pressure of jumping alone, and this is the best way to accomplish it.  The jump includes some free fall and a smooth, on-target landing.

If you elect to make your first jump a Tandem jump, you will be paired with one of our expert Tandem instructors who will guide you through the course material and answer all of your questions.  There is no testing and the training is much more abbreviated as you are in essence a passenger on this jump and minimal action on your part will be required.  Expect to watch a few videos and take about 30 minutes of pre-jump instruction.  During the jump, you are physically connected to the instructor by a harness.  You can rest easy knowing that no matter what you do, you are attached to a professional and the outcome will be good.  You also get to enjoy the scenic airplane ride, exit, free fall and of course the spectacular parachute ride back to the landing area.  During the parachute ride, you will be invited by your instructor to take the parachute’s steering toggles and try “driving” it yourself.

Tandem is the safest method of jumping worldwide with accidents and fatalities being extremely remote.  All Tandem jumps are protected by both an emergency reserve chute as well as an automatic activation device as a backup (meaning that the parachute will deploy on its own in the unlikely event that the ripcord is not pulled).  If you’re wanting to jump, just to say you did it, Tandem is the method for you.  Jump altitude, aircraft and amount of free fall time are easily customizable so you can easily select a package that is right for you.

Weight Limit:  230 lbs