ULTIMATE AFF PACKAGE: Add $ 699 (Save 4.90%)


Price includes all gear, jump suit, goggles, training course, instructor, ground school, HD video, HD stills, and HD outside video.  Taxes and fees included; no hidden costs!  Your jump altitude will be 15,000 feet above the earth, a view and experience normally reserved only for highly experienced jumpers.  Free fall time is more than one minute.  This course is only for very physically fit individuals.  Includes one Tandem Qualification-Jump from 19,000 feet above sea level.  All training same day.

Additional Information:

1) In the event that someone in your group wants to ride the jump plane up with you in the plane, you can purchase an “observer ride” Sky Pass.  Sky Passes are subject to available seating capacity and issued on a case-by-case basis.  Minimum age requirement is 10 years of age.

2) Your Instructor will document your jump via video and photographs with a hand-cam regardless of your intent to purchase or not.  You will be given a chance to fully review all video footage and stills after your jump, prior to purchase.  Buyers assume the rights to all video and photographic footage, and may use/distribute said footage in any manor deemed fit, without regulation from Skyranch.

3) Should you opt to have your jump recorded by an “outside” camera, please read the following.  Outside video production is very complex and involves another professional video person in free fall with you, shooting stills and video of you from directly in front of you.  This is the best quality video as it is from a front angle and shows much more of your facial expression.  The decision to purchase outside video must be made prior to the jump, as it is very complex and involves another person and more equipment.  You will not be charged for the video should our production team fail to produce quality imagery.  The combined video footage will be combined and edited for an amazing finished product.

4) The Beech 18 is a completely refurbished “radial” engine-powered classic aircraft from the late 1950’s.  Very few Beech 18’s remain in service in the world today, and the ride to altitude is a bit slower.  This is a good thing, since it allows more time for your inner ear pressure to equalize while you enjoy the scenery and sounds of this classic aircraft from inside.  The Beech 18 only goes as high as 11,200 feet above sea level.

5) Enjoy a quick climb to 15,000 feet above sea level in this classic turbo-prop plane.  At this altitude, you can expect it to be quite chilly, even on the hottest summer day.  Jump temperatures are often below freezing during exit, but warm up quickly as you fall.  There is less Oxygen at 15,000 feet above sea level; this is not normally a problem but you may feel slightly uncomfortable and find breathing more difficult than usual upon exit.  This altitude is not for everyone; those with heart conditions, or an abnormal amount of elevated jump anxiety should not select this package or this altitude.

6) The climb to 19,000 feet above sea level is a bit longer as the plane slows its rate of climb significantly above 15,000 feet above sea level.  You will be taught to use the Oxygen system and will begin breathing pure Oxygen during the takeoff and climb in order to get your blood stream as oxygen-saturated as possible.  The temperatures at this altitude can be very cold, often well below freezing.  When it is time to exit, you will move to the door and remove your oxygen mask just before leaving the plane.  You will be back in more normal air within a few seconds, so there will not be any danger associated with Oxygen levels during your jump.  Your instructor will be present to guide you through the process and teach you what you need to know and expect at this altitude.  This is an extreme jump; very few have ever accomplished this.  You must be very physically fit in order to participate in an Extreme jump from this altitude.  Those with heart conditions or an abnormal amount of elevated jump anxiety should not select this package or this altitude.

7) The Douglas DC-3 is an extremely rare airliner, left over from the golden age of aviation.  There are no other DC-3 jump operations anywhere in the world at this time.  You will ride to altitude with the cockpit door open, and you can be as involved as you like in the process.  You will be invited to ride up front with the flight crew during taxi and takeoff.  Headsets are provided so that you can talk to the crew and hear live Air Traffic Control communications as the jump is coordinated with radar controllers.  The climb to altitude is very slow, allowing a beautiful ride and view as you climb.  The jump altitude is much lower (9,500 feet above sea level) for this plane due to its altitude limitations.  You can expect a thorough briefing by the DC-3 pilot, a complete aircraft tour, and a 45-minute DC-3 flight prior to the jump.  Brag-worthy; when it’s over, you can tell your friends, “Yes, I jumped out of an Airliner!”

8) No deposit is required in advance for any add-ons selected.  Any additional amount due is payable after you are completely satisfied with your Skyranch experience.  If you are intending to use your tandem jump as a Qualification-Jump for the STATIC LINE, or AFF course, please call ahead to verify that the course you desire will be available that day.

9) During checkout, tipping is certainly not required.  Our professional staff are paid very well for the work that they do.  However, customers often want to reward their instructors for an exceptional job.  When you go to check out, the credit card terminal will ask you for any amount of TIP to be added.  Any tips left via this method will go directly to the instructor associated with your jump.  There is no obligation whatsoever to include a tip.

10) After your tandem qualification jump, you can purchase the entire jump course which will include a minimum of 24 more jumps.  It is guaranteed and it includes everything.  No additional fees or costs.  At the end you will have a minimum 25 jumps in your log book and hold a USPA “A” license.



This pricing is for jumpers already holding a USPA certification.  Normally called “Fun Jumpers”, these jumpers have access to these prices and other jumper only areas on site.  They already have a significant amount of experience, as well as their own parachute gear.  They have unlimited access to the jumper areas and aircraft of the Drop Zone.

Note: While we have 5 jump planes in the fleet, not all 5 may be available at any given time due to weather or maintenance requirements.  If you have a specific aircraft request, please call ahead to discuss.  All Fun Jumpers are required to hold current USPA membership, minimum “A” license, in date reserve, have a waiver on file with Skyranch, and have an up to date EMC (Emergency Medical Card) in the reserve data card pocket of each rig that they intend to use.  Gear checks are completed at check in. Each Fun Jumper should also be aware of the dedicated approved landing areas, the swoop area, the “D” area, and the prohibited area.

Certified Skydiver Prices


* Includes O2 and training, some physical limitations may apply.
**Accuracy hop and pops / fun jumps / jump builders.
*** DC-3 loads are reserved to Skyranch Members & Staff
Aircraft Altitude (AMSL) Members Non-Members
Cessna 182 5,200 ** $12 $19
Beech 18 5,200 $12 $25
Beech 18 11,200 $22 $35
Douglas DC-3 *** 5,200 $49 N/A
King Air 11,200 $22 $29
King Air 15,000 $22 $29
King Air 19,000 * $39 $59
Sunset Beech 18 5,200 FREE $35
Equipment Rental/Services —— ——
RIG RENTAL (180, 225, 260) $22 $30
Skyranch Membership
Skyranch Annual Membership:  Lasts 365 days from the day you sign up. $59
Skyranch Day Pass Membership $19